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Beginner Pilot

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A private pilot license can be obtained in the U.S. as long as you’re over 16 and can pass a Physical- a basic license allows you to fly single-engine aircraft. You can upgrade to a commercial or professional license as you continue on your quest. Here’s how to get a private pilot license:

You must be 16 or over and speak and read English fluently. Training requires fluency in English because it is the universal language used by all the world control towers and airports.

Do some research about flying lessons. Contact local aviation schools. Some local County airports have schools.

After finding a school that fits your needs and budget, enroll in the licensed flight training classes. flight school can cost around $6,000 for all the training including ground school and flight training.

As mentioned in my opening statement, a physical and medical certificate will be needed from a doctor that is qualified to perform an pilot physical. This will ensure you’re healthy enough to fly. If you don’t know where to go, the flight school should be able to help.
Ground school can take about 3 to 5 weeks.

After you have completed your ground school course work, you will need to sit for the FAA written test. The test is multiple choice. and you may need to find a test provider.
Flight training is next. 30-40 hours with an instructor. Your school should be able to provide access to a plane.

Perform a solo flight.

The final test is performed by an FFA certified examiner. the tester will ask you questions and go with on a flight to assess your skills. Once you pass the final test, you will be private pilot license holder with a visual flight rating (VFR) so you can fly a single engine aircraft at day or night in good visibility conditions.

Obtaining a private pilot license is hard but doable. Pick a good school, flight training is only as good as the teaching staff.

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